A travel app for flexible people

My role

As a personnal project, I worked alone. Including: Defining the concept, do user-research, designing the interfaces, creating visuals and building a prototype.


A Few months ago, I was talking to a friend of mine who just came back from a 6-months trip across Europe. After graduating, he decided to travel through Europe without any plan: Going from one city to another and decide on the go. We arrived to talk about what app or service he was using to find and buy his flight tickets. He pointed out the lack of flexible services for flexible people. During his trip, he never knew when he would leave a city and to go where.


Getting started

I first started by defining the target:

Flexible travelers looking to travel cheap.

I then decided I wanted to learn more about those people, I knew some people that could answer my question as well as a travelers group on Facebook. I created a Google Survey to collect the results.

I wanted the survey to help me answer those questions:

- What services do people use while planning a travel? Their experiences with those services?
- When do people travel most?
- How do they choose their destination?
- What is missing from existing services?

I received around 25 responses.

The results

Students & Backpackers

- Most of them, don’t use any specific services even if they are used to travelling
- 80% start by looking on Google
- 50% go directly to the websites of low-cost companies
- The choice of the destination is, most of the time, based on the price
- Most of them complained about the lack of flexibility


- They mainly want to discover and don’t have any specific destination when desiring to travel
- They are flexible, so they don’t know when they will move
- For all of them, what matters the most is the price


- Most of them travel during holidays

Designing the experience

Based on the informations I gathered, I tried to define the experience in a few words:


The design should support the user's flexiblity. Filters should stay in the background.


The experience should encourage the user to come back regularly. Searching for flights should be casual.

I also wanted to keep in mind that I was designing an experience for flexible people.

An app

Travelling being now something more accessible and cheap.
I decided to design an App and not a web service.
An app, is something you keep in your pocket, I wanted that they could search for flights or explore destination at any time.

Explore flights should be casual

Depature: The target being flexible, people should be able to select a city or even a entire country
Destination: There is no destination, you don’t choose a destination.
Filters: They should be in the background, only if the user really need it.


Sketching & Wireframes

Exploring ideas

After having sketched a lot of ideas, I started to design the wireframes while keeping exploring.


Visual design & Motion.

I wanted to keep the interface simple. The visual design is minimalist yet playful and colorful. It uses rounded shape, as well as a playful typography « Aperçu ». Colors helps the user navigate through the content, and bring warmth. Animations are used to make the experience more friendly and guide the user through the process of exploring flights.

Prototype and testing it.

After putting together a quick prototype made with Principle, I handed it to a few potential users. Their feedbacks were the following:

- They really liked that you don't have to choose a destination and that you could select a whole country as a departure
- But, Being that flexible means a lot of choice. It was hard for them to navigate through so many choices.

Imagine a new way to easily explore vast choices

First, I decided to look at the way, people on the internet, make choices and navigate through a list of results. On the web, a habit is to click right/open, a result that appears interesting, in a new tab.
People go through a list, and open the elements they are interested in , in a new tab to then explore them in more details. So, it’s a 2 steps process. I thought it could be interesting to explore this idea on the app. I wanted to create an intuitive, easy and new experience.


I builded a prototype using Principle in order to validate the concept. It was the occasion to work on the animation in order to guide the user.

Thank you for reading.