Imagining a new e-commerce service for La Poste.


We participated in a national service design contest organized by La Poste, the equivalent of the United States Postal Service (USPS) in France. We had to conceive an innovative e-commerce service.

My role

I participated to this contest with Quentin Le Pape. My work included: Defining the service, Research, Designing the interfaces, Creating visuals.

The challenge

As sending letters is becoming less and less common, La Poste needs to widen their range of services towards new fields. Everyday, thousands of mailmen drive their truck throughout the country in order to deliver the mail.

How to convert the infrastructure and the labor force already available into an innovative service?

Use mailman to deliver food from local groceries store

Our service | Baskette

By using mailmen to deliver food from local convenience stores, like boulangerie, we allowed elderly and disabled people to enjoy food products that were beyond their reach.

Easy navigation

We really wanted the user to easily browse through the whole catalog, despite the wide offer

Fast search

It should be very simple to find the product you want, we used a dynamic search-bar to make it easy

Swift checkout

Choosing address and time of delivery should be just as quick as simple

Cross-platform app

Given the wide range of users, we had to ensure that everyone could have easy access anywhere, anytime

Thank you for reading.