Imagining the news of tomorrow

My role

As a personnal project, I worked alone. Including: Defining the concept, Researching and Designing the interfaces.


I find it hard sometimes to catch-up a news story. While working on this project, I had two things in mind: making it easier to catch-up news stories, and giving more information and context about the news.

The concept

If you’ve ever been latecomer to a news story, you know how frustrating it can be to catch up. With .context you can easily go back in time on a specific news, and get a better context of it.


The homepage displays the latest news. Navigate through the categories with a simple swipe or use the menu.

The context

Each news is associated with a rapid brief to understand the situation, and a map to give a geographic context

The timeline

It should be easy to catch-up a story if you been latecomer to a news, use the timeline to travel through time on a specific story


Get informations about where the story takes place. Learn about cities or countries, and find related articles

Thank you for reading.