A new approach to twitter


This service is the resultat of a one-week datavizualisation workshop. It helps Twitter users to get the most out of their subscriptions.

My role

I worked on this project with Quentin Le Pape. My work included: Defining the concept, Designing the interfaces, Building the fonctionnal prototype (front-end).

Analyzing twitter users

We realized that students of our school were, most of the time using twitter to follow their friends, their schoolmates, their teachers and rarely people linked to the design field

How to keep your Twitter thread clean from polluting content?

Functional prototype

Get the best out of Twitter by restricting the content you receive to the most relevant tweets, without affecting your official account. We decided to build a functional prototype using the twitter API in order to understand if it could works and to get some feedback.


Uncover all the interesting content at a glance


Browse and keep only the most relevant subscriptions

Work in progress

Create a collaborative platform to get the best of twitter - Find the best people to follow for a specific topic - Reorganize your feed by popularity, time or favorite - Suggest interesting people to the community all of that, without affecting your official account

Thank you for reading.